FireUp Online clients that have had the complimentary analysis done for their business understand how powerful this tool is. The one thing I always hope our clients take away from the presentation of their analysis is the importance of implementing a multi-layered strategy. 


There is no doubt that the first and last thing you think of when it comes to the online needs of your business are search engine results. First-page discoverability. Better yet…being first on that page! But how do we get there?

At FireUp Online, we don’t just think about search results; our goal is to create for our clients a valued and relevant online destination: a portal of information valued by both viewers and search engines alike. This can only be achieved through the careful implementation of a comprehensive strategy designed to thoroughly address every major element of an SEO campaign. 


Only when each element of the campaign is being carefully addressed in lock-step fashion can first-page discoverability be achieved. FireUp Online develops a unique strategy for each client, based on the strengths and challenges of our client’s current situation, and implements that strategy accordingly. And it all starts with the Online Marketing Strategic Analysis.