Let’s Talk About Your Logo

Every business needs a logo, but this can be easier said than done! How do we approach this? Let’s discuss: First, spend some time and observe the logos of any companies that are the first to pop into your mind. This is important, because the first 5 companies you think of have, by definition, done a great job of staying relevant in the minds of the general public.

logo LogoBlack1 RemaxCenterstone2

These logos would fit into a positive category.

How does each logo you see strike your eye? What you see first? What do you learn within the first 1/2 second?



Here are some that don’t pass the “1/2 second” rule…

Next, think about the logos you didn’t care for. Is the company name obvious? How long did you have to study it to long to learn their name or what they do?

The bottom line: when designing your logo, just go clean and present your company name and tagline. Clean, distinct font. Easily readable. The goal is for any person to know your name and exactly what you do within a 1/2 a second of glancing at your logo. Even Google, one of the biggest and most well known brands in the world, just have one simple logo that says “Google”.

How about the biggest company in the world (by revenue)? What do they do? Believe it or not, it’s Walmart, and their’s is clean and simple: “Walmart”.

Prioritize the correct elements of your logo. Let’s again look at Walmart: their logo prioritizes the company name about 90%, and the little sun icon about 10%. Applying that theory, 90% of your new logo should be your name and tagline, and only 10% should be any artwork.

They say to be successful, simply do what the successful do. For your new logo…that sounds good, let’s do that!

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