The Power of Twitter

I was recently helping a new client – who previously did not have a website, Facebook, or Twitter – build a healthy audience on Twitter. The client observed me conduct a Twitter search for anyone in a similar category (in this case, the health and nutrition industry). I proceeded to follow the first 100 Twitter accounts that came up in my search. To the client this seemed arbitrary, and I said “just wait a day”.

By the next day, our client’s brand new Twitter account had 60 followers, and – here’s the important part – 43 of those followers were not part of the accounts I followed! They were people that followed those accounts, noticed that we followed that same account, and upon review of our bio, chose to follow us! This would be an example of quality-over-quantity. Within the first day of having an account, 67% of their new followers were human being that chose to follow us. And since we blog and tweet (among other things) everyday for our client, this is 43 brand new people the client is “in front of”.

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