Creating a Valued Resource

Most business owners know that they need a website, and most of them understand that people should be visiting that site. Among the many reasons why having a great web design is important, I would like to highlight 2 of them today. The walk-away of today’s short article is this: A website should, at the very least, be TWO things: Valued by Search Engines, and Valued by People.

Here in Indianapolis we have many businesses, big and small, which own a domain and have a site. But how many of them are valued as a resource? A go to for people seeking information on what is being offered? Not as many as you think! As a web designer, I create a website that looks good. As an SEO technician, I teach and ensure that the site is optimized for Google. And most importantly, as a Online Strategic Marketing expert I make sure it all comes together.

Ask yourself…”is my website valued by Google and by viewers?”.

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