The “Value” of Your Business

Had an intriguing conversation today with a sales lead in Anderson, IN. As we were talking about online marketing, websites, design, blogging, SEO, etc…the owner mentioned that they may not need marketing at the moment because they are considering selling their business. What an interesting opportunity to address one of the most important reasons to build an online presence: the value of your business!

This particular business does not have a website at the moment, and they are also at least a year or two away from selling. I would like to make the case that this is the perfect opportunity to launch a site and promote themselves online! If a potential buyer or investor is looking at the business, and they have a healthy amount of interest and traffic coming in from their presence online, this increases the value of not only the business, but the name of the business. It creates a “selling point”, as well as something quantifiable that can be presented to a bank (if said buyer is needing a loan to purchase the business).

The take away: The monetary “value” of your business is directly related to how the public “values” your business. Until next time…



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