Posting Blogs…really??

Many of our new clients ask this of us once the design and implementation phase of their new website is complete. They get antsy…the word blog does seem to have a very specific meaning to a lot of people. The word seems to trigger thoughts of a journalist in a war zone, giving those of us back home insight into what they are seeing.


Moving forward, let’s broaden that definition in our minds. Let’s think of this within the context of fresh, up-to-date information. And why do we want this? Think of it like turning on the “Open” sign at your business. If potential customers are driving by your store, and the lights are off and the sign is not lit, their not even going to turn into the parking lot, let along get out and read the little hours sign posted on the door. Blogging/Posts are like the lights and neon signs of your online presence. It shows that you’re there…in the store, ready to serve! And the benefits to your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts is real and staggering.

So…let’s get blogging!

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