Threading the Online Marketing needle

As business owners attempting to align ourselves with certain keywords that are heavily searched, sometimes we face a situation with our websites in which we are up against enough “competition” that there are pages and pages of search results ahead of our site. This even may be the case as we are performing well within other relevant keyword searches. What to do? This is truly where the “rubber hits the road” as we would say here in Indianapolis (you’ll recall that Speedway, Indiana is the home of the Indy 500!).

I look at this as an opportunity to get really creative and specific in our approach…to really (using an admittedly over-used business adage) think-outside-the-box. What are some online resources and websites that we can engage with to help our effort. Craigslist? Forums? Google Local+? FireUp Online has seen many successes when our clients are willing to plugin with these types of online resources. While there is no easy answer, and no one format that perfectly works with everyone, there are ways to “thread the needle” and improve your rankings beyond good website design and blogging.

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